Thursday Mix – Serious To Funny

And therefore removing any doubt that items just fall together here, with no particular rhyme or reason…until they start running together coherently, as if by magic…

BIG TEN, NOT YET: An OMW reader tipped us to this article on the “Bucknuts” site, which is an independent sports news site catering to All Things Athletic concerning The Ohio State University. (We hear there’s a state law prohibiting one from referring to that big university in Columbus without using the article “The” in front. We can’t afford the fines.)

The article features a visit to Buckeye Nation from Mark Silverman, the president of the new Big Ten Network. The cable/satellite network will showcase all the conference’s sports that don’t already air on major network or cable outlets like ABC, ESPN and the like – including football and basketball games that used to air on “ESPNPlus”, the local/regional syndicator.

This line in the article caught our reader’s eyes:

And unlike other startup networks such as NFL Network and ESPNU, Big Ten Network has enjoyed immediate success reaching deals with such broadcasting giants as DirectTV and Time Warner (TW serves 65 percent of the cable customers in Central Ohio).

We don’t remember reading anything about a deal between Time Warner Cable and the Big Ten Network, so we asked our contact with TWC’s Northeast Ohio operations, long-time VP Bill Jasso.

Jasso tells OMW that there is no TWC deal with “BTN”, at least not at this time:

Yes, the article does sound like we have a deal, but we don’t. Any deal would be statewide at least, and probably national in scope.

Mr. Jasso says that there are “serious talks” going on between Time Warner and the Big Ten Network, though, and he’ll let us know when there’s anything to tell.

We suspect there will be a deal, at least in Ohio, given the popularity of the Buckeyes. But the “Bucknuts” article repeats something we’ve heard, as well:

A media member cited a published report that stated the Big Ten Network wanted $1.10 per customer from the cable/satellite providers and asked if that was a possible sticking point with negotiations and if the BTN came down off of that figure.

“I can’t comment on particulars,” Silverman said. “But what I can tell you is that we are looking for are two types of deals: There’s a deal for the eight states within the Big Ten, and there’s a deal for the states outside of the eight. Those deals vary tremendously and we believe the deals we have on the table are fair.”

That $1.10 figure we’ve seen in trade reports is apparently for those eight Big Ten states – cablers outside the Big Ten region would be charged something on the order of 10 cents a customer.

Again, this assumes that a national deal isn’t struck with, for example, TWC.

One Ohio cable company has already agreed to carry the Big Ten Network. Multichannel News reports that Toledo’s Buckeye Cablesystem has signed up for All Big Ten, All The Time TV. Buckeye will also carry the HD feed the BTN folks will offer…

WHILE WE’RE TALKING ABOUT HD SPORTS: Good news for Cleveland Browns fans with high-definition TV sets.

CBS, the broadcast network which carries AFC games – and thus, carries the bulk of the Browns’ schedule – is ramping up HDTV coverage of its NFL games.

A network spokeswoman tells some media writers – including San Diego Union-Tribune sports media writer Jay Posner, who had first word – that CBS will carry “up to 6″ NFL games each week in HDTV format.

Jay’s item – in the article linked above – says “5 or 6″. Each of the Sunday daytime NFL carriers, CBS and FOX, generally have no more than 6 games per week.

On FOX, the odd-game-out is usually upconverted from SD to 720p HD widescreen. On CBS, the non-HD games will still be – as far as we know – in non-widescreen SD.

The count by those keeping track: only 7 of CBS’s 107 games in 2007 will not be in HD, and at least six weeks in the NFL season will have ALL games in HD on all network carriers.

Of course, the Browns being the Browns…watch them land some of those non-HD games. But many, many more Browns games will be in HD this coming season, and the NFL has decreed that all games for all teams will be in HD in 2008…

AND THE “FUNNY” PART: Anyone who’s watched late night Cleveland TV the past few years is well aware of Marc Norton, the owner of Norton’s Furniture – and his odd TV commercials. You know, the ones which end with him saying “…and you can count on it”.

It would appear Mr. Norton is trying to branch out.

We noticed that he’s putting a new website URL onscreen during his TV spots –

So, we visited, and it appears he’s trying to expand his self-made commercial presence into a media business. The site offers “The Marc Norton Show” on video for $1.39 an episode (“First Episode Now Available!”), along with links to his TV spots and other related material, including outtakes.

Quoting – we believe – the furniture store owner and would-be TV producer, as posted on the site:

I have become popular all over the North East Ohio, and even the nation. I have been shown on show such as Midnight Madness and Talk Soup. I am in negotions with major TV networks as well as talk radio superstars! Be sure you have the ability to Laugh out loud when you move into my site, I don’t want to be responsible for you getting fired when your boss sees you having too much fun.

We say “we believe” because the site spells his first name “Mark” in most of its writings, despite the correct spelling even being in the URL for it…

Midweek Teasers

Well, mostly teasers, as it’s a motley collection of semi-developed items and rumblings…with SOME very solid news…

FAREWELL SOON: OMW was the very first place where the impending retirement of WJW/8 “FOX 8″‘s Big Chuck and Lil John was reported in October 2006, much to the chagrin of, well, management on South Marginal Road.

Just one day later, Plain Dealer entertainment/media writer Julie Washington talked to “Big Chuck” Schodowski, who told her that he was considering retirement…oh, right about now, in the summer of 2007.

This clashed with our account that Schodowski and co-host “Lil John” Rinaldi were basically being nudged to the exit door after many years by FOX corporate – not the local management, as we painstakingly said at the time, but the New York-based overseers of our local FOX affiliate here in Cleveland.

Water under the bridge, as far as we’re concerned.

Whoever prompted what, Schodowski was gracious about it, and we were reminded that despite appearing ageless, the long-time weekend movie/sketch show host was 72 years old.

So, here we are in May 2007, and OMW hears rumblings that “Big Chuck and Lil John” are about ready to tape their final show. “Is that all there is?”

To that end, OMW readers tell us that Schodowski has been talking on the air about his impending retirement, including a series of spotlights on various regular skit cast members, and talk of a “Best Of” show in prime-time.

It appears the last original show featuring the local TV icons will air sometime late next month…

SMOKE ABOVE SOUTH MARGINAL: According to the latest update of Rick Gevers’ “ND List”, “FOX 8″ has indeed named its new news director:

WJW-TV, Cleveland, OH…late this afternoon SONYA THOMPSON was named ND for this FOX o-and-o. Sonya’s been the Assistant ND here for more than ten years. She’ll replace as ND the man who promoted her, GREG EASTERLY, who himself was promoted to General Manager last week. Long time EP ANDY FISHMAN has been named Assistant ND to replace Sonya.

We reported here earlier that WJW was looking at two strong in-house candidates…

OVER AT LAKESIDE: We haven’t yet learned who’ll take the same job (ND) at Gannett NBC affiliate WKYC/3, though we think that job is also down to two candidates as well – if not one.

But someone’s apparently stalking former WKYC/3 news director Mike McCormick. Out of nowhere, we received an unsigned note claiming he’d interviewed for yet another ND opening in the Gulf Coast region…you’ll recall that the gossip site NewsBlues earlier reported his interest in running the newsroom at New Orleans’ WWL/4.

Both stations would be within relative easy travel distance of McCormick’s original home base of Jacksonville FL.

We won’t say more than that, as we can’t vouch for the veracity of the anonymous note…

NOT “GOOD” FOR ASHLAND/MANSFIELD: That’s not “Good” as in “Not GoodRadio.TV”, as the official list of Clear Channel small market Ohio spinoffs to that company is out.

And according to AllAccess, as expected, the company’s Ashland/Mansfield cluster is not on the list of stations being picked up by former PAX TV/Ion Networks executive Dean Goodman’s new radio company.

The other clusters listed here are on the list, including Lima, Findlay, Tiffin, Sandusky, Chillicothe and Marion, as well as Clear Channel’s cluster in nearby Wheeling WV – yes, including the 50,000 blowtorch WWVA/1170.

That is particularly interesting, when you remember that Clear Channel filed in 2004 to MOVE that station out of Wheeling to a new COL of the Akron suburb of Stow. The move, of course, was vacated later that year by Clear Channel, for reasons having nothing to do with zoning radio stations in Stow. (Sorry, Denise! Couldn’t resist!)

Oh, and AllAccess notes that WSRW-FM/106.7 Hillsboro and WMRN-FM/106.9 Marion’s “original facilities” aren’t included in the sales, both stations having filed for COL moves under Clear Channel. Both stations’ sister AM outlets will stay with GoodRadio.TV, it appears.

WMRN-FM, we presume, stays with Clear Channel whenever it manages to move into Columbus, and we believe WSRW-FM moves to Chillicothe. There’s a frequency change or two in there as well.

CC’s Ashtabula stations, as reported earlier, are going to veteran Cleveland radio executive Tom Embrescia’s “Sweet Home Ashtabula”. Yes, Matt is his son, and no, Tom doesn’t own the Jamestown NY MediaOne stations, which are owned by his brother.

What about CC’s Ashland/Mansfield stations?

Well, one of the biggest problems is that the “Mid-Ohio” cluster is incredibly spread out geographically, with signals bordered on the north by the Sandusky stations, on the northeast by Canton and Akron, and to the south by Columbus.

We’ve heard the name of Saga thrown out there as a possible suitor, but we can’t see them absorbing all those facilities…and would expect that some of the outer stations (i.e. like “Fox Classic Rock” simulcasters WXXF/107.7 Loudonville and WXXR/98.3 Fredericktown) might get split off from the heart of the cluster.

Just a guess on our part…

We’re Still Here

OMW publishes as frequently as possible, given news events in the local media world, and the schedule of your Primary Editorial Voice(tm).

So, this is not an official “hiatus” announcement – if it had been, the attention signal you just heard in your head would have been followed by more hallucinations. But we may not be able to get around to updating this report until sometime Tuesday evening.

We’ll try to post “breaking” media news as soon as possible, and we could be back sooner than then.

Thank you, and enjoy!

– The Management

Closing The Week

We’ve got a bunch of items just waiting to see air. Or, umm, pixels…

NEWS DIRECTOR SHUFFLE: Cleveland has been one of the larger TV markets to have two news director openings at the same time.

OMW hears noise that one of the two positions is all but filled, and the other has some strong candidates.

We’ll get to that one first.

We’re told by sources walking by South Marginal Road that two in-house candidates are among the top contenders for the job to replace Greg Easterly at FOX O&O WJW/8 – a couple of station news producers. Easterly, of course, moved up to the station’s general manager post recently.

Over at Gannett NBC affiliate WKYC/3, just about anyone who has even been near 13th and Lakeside tells us that acting news director Rita Andolsen is well-liked, well-respected by staffers and a good candidate.

But another name has surfaced connected to the opening at Channel 3 News – someone who’s already in the building and has ND experience.

Hmm. Why do we feel the need to rent the DVD of the 90′s TV sitcom “Night Court”?…

WHILE WE’RE WATCHING (SO TO SPEAK) CLEVELAND TV: At another station, in another job competition, OMW hears that a popular former Cleveland Browns player will do some anchor fill-in this weekend on Scripps ABC affiliate WEWS/5 “NewsChannel 5′s” sportscasts.

Yes, it’s Reggie Rucker, who was most recently seen working on Channel 5 as a part of the station’s Cleveland Browns draft coverage.

We don’t get any indication that it’s more than a fill-in for Rucker, as the station sorts through what to do with All Sports On-Air Positions Aside From Sue Ann Robak’s Job. Former WKYC/3 sports anchor Andy Baskin continues his regular fill-in on WEWS.

Speaking of former Cleveland Browns players doing TV – we wonder if Raycom Media CBS affiliate WOIO/19 will tap WNIR/100.1 afternoon drive talk host Bob Golic again to do fill-in… with the departure of David Pingalore to Orlando.

We believe we heard, or perhaps read somewhere, that “19 Action News” will put reporter Tony Zarella at the sports anchor desk as a fill-in. We would credit the proper source on that, but we can’t remember where we saw it…

THE VOICE OF STEELE – ER, TYLER: Maverick Media Lima programmer and OMW reader Dan Baisden passes along that he’s tabbed Shannon Steele as the new female station imaging voice for his cluster’s top 40 WWSR/92.1 “Star 92.1″.

Steele is not only the midday star at Entercom Buffalo’s WKSE/98.5 “Kiss FM” (one of the few not owned by Clear Channel), but, well, she’s also Sue Tyler of Northeast Ohio radio fame.

Most recently on D.A. Peterson top 40 WZKL/92.5 “Q92″ in the Canton market, Sue’s resume includes stations from WMMS/100.7 and then-WZJM/92.3 in the Cleveland market, to WKDD/then-96.5 and WRQK/106.9 in the Akron and Canton markets.

We’ve had people wondering how to contact her, but she doesn’t appear to have put up a website for her imaging work. originalsteele – at – hotmail – dot – com should get you to her directly, if you’re not a spambot and can reconstruct that address…

HOMERUN?: We haven’t independently confirmed this, but our source is usually pretty reliable about this topic.

“Moohead Radio”
, the sports-oriented website run by the head bovine otherwise known as Marc Steenbarger in real life, says that the satellite service DirecTV may finally relent on its now second-year prohibition limiting the distribution of SportsTime Ohio.

Last year, and again this year, the Cleveland Indians’ TV network is only available to DirecTV customers in certain areas – most notably Northeast Ohio. The areas are known internally as Zone 1 and Zone 2.

Moohead, er, Marc, tells us that DirecTV has agreed to open up STO and the Tribe to the other two zones in the rights area for the Indians – Zone 3 and Zone 4.

But…not until next year.

Moohead notes that those wishing to get the Tribe on satellite TV this year – and are in those areas outside of Northeast Ohio, etc. – will still have to use Dish Network, which has carried STO in all of the Cleveland market zones since the network launched…

Thursday In-Box Clear Out

Just some random stuff we’ve been sitting on for a while…

FLYING ND: We catch up with a lot of news about Cleveland NBC affiliate WKYC/3 without even having to contact anyone – by way of station senior director Frank Macek’s “Director’s Cut” blog.

This time, Frank checks in with former WKYC news director Dick Moore, who left the station for a teaching job in the journalism school at the University of South Carolina.

Moore is on a break from that teaching gig to fly around the country in a fuel-injected single engine plane, fulfilling a dream of many years. (Though we’re not sure how we feel about really small planes, the overall idea sounds very, very interesting to us.)

In case you want to catch up with the former top guy at “Channel 3 News”, Mr. Moore is – well, blogging his trip.

The blog carries a rather extensive account of the trip, which, yes, will include a stop in Cleveland…

WHILE WE’RE TALKING ABOUT FORMER WKYC NEWS BOSSES: OMW hears that the most recent news director at Channel 3, Mike McCormick, is interviewing for the vacant news director position at WWL/4 New Orleans, the Louisiana market’s CBS affiliate.

OK, so we “hear” it from a regular OMW source who passed along word posted on the popular news/gossip site “NewsBlues”, so it’s probably not news to anyone who actually works in a local TV newsroom.

But we harken back to this quote from one of our earlier items on McCormick’s departure, which had us bouncing off a quote the ex-WKYC ND gave the Plain Dealer’s Julie Washington:

McCormick tells Washington he was “tiring” of commuting between Cleveland and Jacksonville FL to “see his family”, and denies that he was being thrown under the bus due to lower ratings at the local NBC affiliate.

So, if McCormick gets the New Orleans job, he’d still be commuting to see his Jacksonville family – though that commute would be 546 miles, or about 8 hours (thanks to Google Maps for that figure).

At least it’s somewhat closer than Cleveland to Jacksonville…

THE BIG JUAN: OMW doesn’t have much to say about Clear Channel talk WLW/700 Cincinnati’s latest successful attempt to get itself free publicity in the local media.

But in case you missed it, WLW has been garnering controversy (and free newspaper/TV mentions) for its latest billboard campaign, which started out with a visual of the Mexican flag, and ended with the picture of a man with the caption “The Big Juan”, a play on the station’s long time “Big One” slogan.

A notice posted on the WLW website isn’t enough for local leaders of Cincinnati’s Hispanic community, who are calling for a written apology for the billboard campaign.

(By the way, the station says all of the “Big Juan” billboards are now history. And there’s no word on if an apology to Lawrence Welk is in there anywhere.)

More on the controversy can be found on the blog of Cincinnati Enquirer TV/radio guru John Kiesewetter.

Again, not a lot to say here. Clear Channel talkers in general, and WLW in particular, have honed this into a fine art. Get some group against something your station aired, get them to protest, and you can’t beat the publicity that you can’t buy for any price.

As we hinted above, it reminds us of fictional Cincinnati radio station WKRP corralling elderly protesters underneath the station’s logo, so the TV cameras could catch them protesting the end of the station’s “beautiful music” format.

And somewhere at Kenwood, WLW and CC Cincinnati AM operations chief Darryl Parks is laughing…

AND WHILE WE’RE TALKING ABOUT MR. PARKS: The man in charge of running WLW’s programming and operations is, as many know, also the station’s Saturday midday talk show host.

“Midday with Darryl Parks” has run for some time from 9 AM to noon on Saturdays, the Saturday companion to long-time weekday “Midday” host Mike McConnell’s now-syndicated show.

Well, it DID run from 9 AM to noon.

The Enquirer’s Kiesewetter reported in his blog recently that Parks’ show has been trimmed an hour – presumably at his own bidding – so WLW can run the syndicated financial infomercial “The Mutual Fund Hour With Adam Bold” from 11 AM to noon.

Yep, that’s the same piece of radio goodness (cough, gag) aired by other Clear Channel talkers on Saturdays, including WTAM/1100 up in this part of the state.

We have no opinion on whether Mr. Bold’s show provides any useful information – even beyond any sales pitches for his company. But its mere presence in the daytime lineup, even weekends, on major talk radio stations like WLW and WTAM, causes us much indigestion and concern.

We suspect Parks didn’t have much choice but to go along with making the one-hour reduction in his own show. The kind of money likely offered probably made his general manager salivate.

And we suspect we don’t have to remind a talented programmer like Mr. Parks that talk radio P1 listeners go away when a boring (yes, boring) paid commercial for a mutual fund company takes over the airwaves.

Here at OMW World Headquarters, we’ve often missed hours of WTAM’s programming by the mere act of turning off the radio at noon on Saturdays, and forgetting to turn it back on later…

A New Ohio Sports Outlet

OK, so Columbus is a ways away from our Northeast Ohio home base, but you’d think we would have heard about this by now.

The folks in Central Ohio have a brand new regional sports network, to compete with the likes of FSN Ohio for Columbus-market sports viewers. Well, sort of a “network”.

It’s the Columbus Sports Network, alternatively abbreviated as either “CS” (per the logo) or “CSN” (like the Comcast folks call their sports networks). It launched in late March.

“CSN” aims to fill a hyper-local sports niche for Central Ohio sports fans.

Though there’s plenty for the most rabid Ohio State football or basketball fans, with talk shows and sports news shows talking Buckeyes, the network will air contests from a wide variety of OSU sports that don’t get wide coverage.

Want to watch the OSU women’s volleyball team? Don’t think Buckeye baseball gets enough TV coverage? This is your place.

Of course, the “big stuff” in Buckeye-land remains on ABC, ESPN, the upcoming Big Ten Network and the like.

The network also provides play-by-play coverage of the Arena Football League Columbus Destroyers, the MLS Columbus Crew, and the AAA Columbus Clippers baseball team. The market’s only major professional team, the NHL Columbus Blue Jackets (see, we got it right!), are seen on the NHL’s national outlets (NBC, Versus), and locally on FSN Ohio.

The Clippers deal (14 games through the end of the 2007 season) is fairly significant, as the Clippers don’t even have an in-market radio broadcast outlet this season.

After losing Stop 26 Riverbend-to-Bernard Radio’s WVKO/1580 when the station went off the air last year, the Clippers hooked up with North American Broadcasting standards WMNI/920 for some weekend games in 2006. (By the way, OMW hears tower work continues on Morse Road for the replacement for WVKO’s abandoned site, with three towers now up.)

The Clippers/WMNI relationship did not renew in 2007. The Clippers can only be heard over the radio in Columbus if you’re driving in front of Cooper Stadium, where the webcast from airs on a low-power Part 15 outlet on 101.9 FM.

Curiously enough, we’ve heard that a couple of out-of-market stations carry selected games – WCLT/1430 Newark and the Springfield half of the WONE/980 Dayton-based sports simulcast “980 Homer”, WIZE/1340. This must be the only radio baseball network in the nation without a flagship station in its own market.

We suspect things will change dramatically when the Clippers open up a new stadium in 2009.

Anyway, back to Columbus Sports Network. Is it really a regional sports “network”?

Though it’s carried on all the major Columbus cable providers, it is actually based out of low-power TV station WCSN-LP 32…which just nabbed a power upgrade that should give it a pretty good signal in much of the area.

The CSN folks do mention the over-air signal, but the station is fronted like any other RSN, and cable coverage is emphasized strongly.

In case you’re wondering how Columbus got a new LPTV outlet on channel 32, it actually is a move for a long-time LPTVer in the small town of Bucyrus.

The former owners of W54AF sold the station to the Florida-based company which is a major CSN investor – United Media Acquisitions – for a reported cost of $800,000.

While that’s small change for even an LPTVer in a market the size of Columbus, we’re surprised no one noticed this back in 2004, when United bought the then-Bucyrus station. $800K is a large amount for an LPTV station in a rural city.

United Media Acquisitions owns one other station, KBTU-LP in Salt Lake City. But they’re LMAing (and selling) that outlet to Bustos Media, which operates it as a locally-programmed Spanish-language station.

Anyway, we’ve never seen Columbus Sports Network, but we’re told by those who have that it has a professional look you wouldn’t expect from such an outlet…

BREAKING NEWS: Ashtabula CC Pickup A Local One

In our continuing coverage of the disposition of the Clear Channel small market clusters in Ohio, we’ve noted that the company’s Ashtabula cluster was one that is apparently NOT going to GoodRadio.TV, the company started by former PAX-TV/ION Networks president Dean Goodman out of Florida.

It turns out that we were correct. And the identity of the buyer may be quite an interesting surprise for local media types.

AllAccess reports that Clear Channel’s Ashtabula stations are being sold to a new company called “Sweet Home Ashtabula”.

And though the company name means nothing to anyone, the big name behind it is certainly familiar to long-time Cleveland radio types: company chairman Tom Embrescia.

We wrote about Mr. Embrescia back in October of last year, when he was listed as one of a number of creditors in the Air America Radio bankruptcy filing.

The former owner of then-WWWE/1100 (today’s Clear Channel talk WTAM) and WDOK/102.1 (now owned by CBS Radio) has been doing a lot of non-radio things, including holding the rights to a top-level domain and selling framed artwork online.

It would now appear that he’s ready to jump back into the business of owning radio stations, at least in Ashtabula, at any rate. (We’re told he may own stations in the Jamestown NY area, though we can’t identify which stations those would be.)

The Ashtabula Clear Channel cluster includes talk WFUN/970, AC WREO/97.1 “Star 97.1″, top 40 WZOO/102.5 “102 ZOO”, rock WFXJ/107.5 “The Fox”, and the newcomer in the stable, country WYBL/98.3 “The Bull”.

Matt Embrescia is listed as president of the new company. We’ll assume that’s a son of Tom’s or other relative.

OMW has no indications, at this time, that Mr. Embrescia plans to expand his new broadcast empire beyond the northeastern most radio market in Ohio. But we’re sure folks will speculate about that…right here…

BREAKING NEWS: Carole Chandler Returns To WKYC Part-Time

A former WKYC/3 mainstay is returning to “Channel 3 News”.

WKYC senior director Frank Macek reports on his “Director’s Cut” blog this afternoon that former morning news co-anchor Carole Sullivan is back at the local NBC affiliate on a part-time basis, working as a reporter two days a week (Tuesday and Wednesday, starting May 15th).

“Channel 3 News” viewers first knew her as Carole Chandler, before the morning anchor married football coach Mike Sullivan and changed her on-air name. She left WKYC when her husband took a job coaching at Western Michigan University.

With his return to Cleveland as a member of the Cleveland Browns staff, Carole has been back in town, and the speculation on her return to local TV has been constant…

BREAKING NEWS: GoodRadio Coming To Ohio

UPDATE 8:36 PM 5/7/07: Thanks to a comment by an OMW reader, we tracked down this Lima News article from Saturday, which has the Clear Channel Lima and Findlay stations going to GoodRadio.

But…that’s not all, according to this quote from the article:

The company has reportedly sold its six Lima station, along with stations in Findlay, Tiffin, Marion, Sandusky and Chillicothe, to the Iowa-based Good Radio.TV.

Add in the Ohio Valley stations based in Wheeling (see below), and that’s a large chunk of Clear Channel’s small market holdings in Ohio.

Missing from the list is the company’s extensive Mid-Ohio cluster out of Mansfield/Ashland, and the CC Ashtabula cluster. OMW had heard that the Mansfield/Ashland based stations were not expected to go to GoodRadio, but that has just been a rumor…

And we haven’t seen a complete list of the CC/GoodRadio spinoffs, though we’re told to expect one in the next day or two.

Our original report is below…


OMW has its first evidence that former PAX TV/ION Networks executive Dean Goodman’s GoodRadio.TV is picking up Clear Channel small market radio stations here in Ohio.

Wheeling’s WTRF/7 is reporting that GoodRadio has confirmed that it is buying all six of the company’s local stations in that region.

In addition, the article also notes a number of states where GoodRadio will be operating, and Ohio is on that list.

We’d have to revisit the list of Clear Channel stations, but we’re pretty sure the six stations include outlets on both sides of the Ohio/West Virginia border. And we’d also guess that other Ohio markets will follow in the GoodRadio acquisition…

BREAKING NEWS: Paul Kiska Named Anchor Of "Good Morning Cleveland"

In our “They Took THIS Long To Replace Adam Shapiro?” department:

OMW hears that it’s official this morning…Cleveland ABC affiliate WEWS/5 has named reporter Paul Kiska as permanent anchor on the station’s morning show, “Good Morning Cleveland”.

And it’s actually a homecoming for Kiska. We’re reminded that Kiska joined WEWS some seven years ago from South Bend IN, as a reporter for the very same show…


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