My 1-0-OOPS

Clear Channel Canton market AC outlet WHOF/101.7 “my 101.7” is a family-friendly, female-friendly standard-issue AC format station.

Which is what makes what happened there Monday all the more out of place.

Canton Repository entertainment writer Dan Kane reports that a “string of profane words” aired during a recorded segment at 6:30 on Monday’s morning drive show – by the timing, it was presumably a newscast.

And as a result, WHOF news anchor and co-host Jesse Johnson is “no longer with the company”. Host Gary Rivers has been suspended for a week, and is back at his morning show perch next Tuesday.

Johnson’s bio and other information have been removed from the WHOF website.

The mistake would probably have been apologized away in the past.

But given the FCC’s intense scrutiny of “offensive” broadcast comments, management has to move much more quickly than in past years.

An inadvertently-aired off-air sexually laced conversation with a stripper on an Atlanta FM station’s morning show resulted in the suspension, and later firing, of a team known as “The Regular Guys”.

What happened on “my 101.7” on Monday morning is pretty tame by comparison. But there’s no room for error involving “bad language” in today’s regulatory environment…


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