Your Rover Update

As promised, more on what we’re hearing about the apparent departure of WKRK/92.3 “K-Rock” morning doggie Shane “Rover” French from his perch at the CBS Radio Cleveland alt-rocker.

We’ve heard unconfirmed, but strongly sourced rumblings, that Rover has accepted an offer from a competing station. We don’t understand the exact situation, but apparently, Mr. French wasn’t under the provisions of a non-compete – as the folks at CBS hoped to sign him to a new contract.

Our “rumblings” are seemingly confirmed by Rover himself, in this blog post on his own website:

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Told the Eye we’re gone,

They’re bitter we found new friends,

Scared, they yanked us off.


We still have no information about the new destination for “Rover’s Morning Glory”, or for that matter, if Mr. French has a clear path to that new home.

But at least it would appear that “Rover’s Run” at 92.3 is over…the end of a long, strange CBS Radio journey that once saw him touted as one of the successors to Howard Stern, had him leave Cleveland for Chicago, and ended up in a relatively quick and successful return to Cleveland…


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