A Rover Update

More news this afternoon out of Camp Rover, soon to be based at Clear Channel’s Oak Tree World Domination HQ in suburban Cleveland.

OMW hears that while former WKRK/92.3 “K-Rock” morning chien Shane “Rover” French and his gang won’t be heard on “Rover’s Morning Glory’s” new home, rock WMMS/100.7, until April 1st… Rover and his minions will start doing live shows again on Monday.

Sources tell us that from Monday until the show’s Cleveland return, “RMG” will be heard live on the syndicated affiliates that have still carried the program…in Rochester NY and in Memphis TN.

Listeners report that both stations have continued to carry the program, in “best of mode”, all week.

We hear from a mole in Independence that the syndicated-only version of the show will be produced at Oak Tree. That would explain the sudden work we reported earlier, with Clear Channel engineers modifying the WMMS studios for Rover and his crew.

Until “RMG” returns via WMMS in April, Cleveland area fans and listeners will be presumably able to hear the show on the stream of Memphis affiliate WMFS “93 X”, a former CBS Radio outlet purchased by Entercom in 2006.

Though, given the traffic seen by both Rover’s own website and right here at OMW, the WMFS folks may be swamped with online listening traffic starting next week.

Rover’s other syndicated affiliate, Rochester’s WZNE/94.1, is also a former CBS Radio outlet. And like WMFS, it’s currently owned by Entercom…though it’s destined to be spun off to some other company.

OMW also hears out of Oak Tree that back in Cleveland, it’s been confirmed – current WMMS…er…100.7 morning show “Bob and Tom” will slide down the schedule into middays on April 1st, when Rover Takes Over morning drive…


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