Chuck’s Moves

OMW hears that long-time reader Chuck Matthews is keeping busy these days.

The former Cumulus talk WTOD/1560 Toledo programmer has picked up more work for his voiceover business – from a WTOD competitor.

We hear Chuck has been signed up to do voiceover and imaging work for crosstown newly-minted talk WDMN/1520, and sister LPTV MyNetworkTV outlet WMNT-CA/48 “My 48/58”.

We also hear he’s been doing work for a new small local ad agency based in suburban Perrysburg, and continues to search for his next full-time radio stop.

Could signing up Mr. Matthews for voiceover/imaging mean that WDMN is making a serious run at the Toledo talk market?

The station has basically had limited imaging in the past – well, if you count an occasional “Dominion 1520 JAMZ!” liner. And the frequent airing of “My 48/58” promos on 1520 include what sounds basically like a non-on-air type voicing the tags.

Just by sending an ID or liner or two, Chuck could instantly make the station sound like a player…


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