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UPDATE 10/16/08 2:30 PM: A temporary placeholder page is now up at the main website for WSTB’s “AlterNation” weekday format, with this notice:

Sadly, this situation is out of the control of the many volunteers and staff that have worked hard over the years to provide you with the music and programming you’ve come to enjoy.

The site encourages listeners to make their feelings known to the Streetsboro school district and its board members, and provides links to contact information for those in the district.

It closes with a message to supporters:

We love you. Thank you for your support. We’re really sorry that your radio “fix” has been taken away, we really hope to bring it back to you. We hate to ask you for more support after all of this, but you’ve always been there for us in the past and we’re sure you’ll make your opinion known.

Our original item is below…


With Streetsboro Public Schools station WSTB/88.9 still off the air, even despite the apparent resolution of a controversy over pictures found on station computers, we have word of a quickly-organized rally tonight meant to support the station.

WSTB’s “Sunday Oldies Jukebox” has put up the notice on its web page

Former and current staffers, school facility, and supporters of radio station WSTB are expected at a rally scheduled for Thursday, October 16th at 6:00 PM at the at Streetsboro City Park Pavillion.

The purpose of the rally is to set the record straight on events that led up to Streetsboro High School officials shutting down the station. The shutdown resulted in the disruption of broadcasting by the Alternation and sister station, the Sunday Oldies Jukebox.

The public is invited to the rally. Please come, get the facts, and show your support.

We don’t know any more than that, so it’ll be interesting to see what develops.

The notice is not posted on the “AlterNation” web site for good reason, as the site has been down since WSTB’s computers were taken on Monday night. That site is currently landing on a blank page…


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