THIS JUST IN: WNIR Joins 21st Century, Streams Audio

It’s been rumored for what seems like a year, but is now reality.

The new website for Media-Com Akron market talk WNIR/100.1 “The Talk of Akron” is online as of this Friday afternoon, and yes, there is live streaming audio. We’re listening to it right now.

The station is running a banner on the updated website with this crawl: “From Cleveland to Cancun, from Los Angeles to London, from New York to New Delhi…FROM ANYWHERE TO ANYWHERE…WNIR welcomes our new global audience!”

OMW hears that the station will apparently only stream its local shows, and the audio will “go dark” online during syndicated talk programming (Westwood One’s Jim Bohannon and other late night and weekend syndicated shows).

Since WNIR is locally programmed from 5:30 AM to 11 PM weekdays, and 6 AM-7 PM Saturdays, this will have little impact on the audio stream.

We have heard ABC News Radio’s hourly Information Network newscasts on the stream…presumably, they will continue. They won’t be starting any earlier, though, unless the WNIR local hosts actually figure out how to join ABC Radio’s feed on time.

OMW hears that WNIR midday veteran Howie Chizek will announce that he invented streaming audio for talk radio.

And somewhere in London, computer users will ask each other – “what’s a Plusquellic?”

We’ll have more in our return to regular updating on Monday morning…


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