Cleveland’s Kiss FM Dumps Chris Brown Music

With the caveat that we’re not regular listeners to Clear Channel Cleveland top 40 WAKS/96.5 “Kiss FM”, and couldn’t identify this person if you pointed us to one of his videos and said his name:

“Kiss” has announced that it’s dumping music by Chris Brown, the popular recording star accused of assaulting his girlfriend Rihanna (another singer), off of its playlist. (We aren’t familiar with her, either. We’re obviously not P1 listeners for WAKS.)

Quoting Kiss PD Bo Matthews from a Clear Channel press release:

“In light of the events with the Chris Brown/Rihanna abuse situation, (Kiss FM night personality) Java Joel was taking several comments on his evening show Monday, February 10th. His listeners have strong feelings about these unfortunate events, and he made the decision to take the Chris Brown songs OFF the radio while he is on the air.”

“I then made the decision to rid the whole station of Chris Brown songs while this plays out. We are fans of Chris Brown’s music, and this is not something that will last forever. But it appears that Chris has made some poor choices, we are following the lead of our listeners, and we will not be supporting Chris Brown on 96.5 Kiss FM in Cleveland until the alleged situation gets resolved.”

The station has put up a poll on its website, and of course, we’re sure Java Joel and other Kiss personalities will talk about it. And of course, the Cleveland top 40 outlet will get a decent publicity bump from the move…ya think? Heh…


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