TWC’s Next HD Wave

OMW hears from Time Warner Cable locally that the wave of HDTV channels planned for addition in Northeast Ohio in late April is now showing up for local cable subscribers.

A quick check of the HD DVR here at OMW World Headquarters shows that the channels are indeed available to your Primary Editorial Voice(tm).

OMW hears that though the new HD channels are indeed rolling out, some TWC Northeast Ohio subscribers may not have them yet.

We’re told that the launch is indeed, as we’ve already speculated on our own, linked to the rollout of Switched Digital Video (SDV) throughout Time Warner Cable’s local system…and when your local headend does implement SDV, the new channels will be seen.

We’re also told that most of this activity to add SDV – to areas without it – is out of the former Adelphia Cleveland-based system, though we’re hearing from some of our readers that the SDV rollout has indeed already reached many of the former Adelphia areas.

The presence of the new channels here means we can indeed confirm that on our own.

(We’re in that “former Adelphia” list right here at OMW World Headquarters, located roughly adjacent to the Bruce Wayne Mansion somewhere in the former Adelphia service area. Though, we haven’t figured out why the hillside opens up occasionally with a sleek, black sportscar speeding out of it.)

Anyway, enough Batman references…here’s the list of channels that you may already have as a Time Warner Cable Northeast Ohio HD subscriber…and if not, they should show up at some point…

* ESPNEWS, 432*
* MLB, 438*
* TLC, 450
* Animal Planet, 452
* ABC Family, 460
* Bravo HD, 466
* CNBC, 486

* – These channels require a subscription to the Digital Basic Tier…which we presume means that if you get them on SD Digital Cable, you’ll get them in HD

The new HD channels had been planned to launch April 29th, but were put on hold until now.

For now, we don’t have any word of when areas without the new channels will receive them, but we’re assured it’s coming…


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