Quick Moves

Two brief items that we haven’t posted yet…

SOUTH AVENUE CHANGES: OMW hears that some lineup moves are starting today at Clear Channel’s Youngstown cluster.

We have confirmed that top 40 WAKZ/95.9 “Kiss FM” midday voice Krissy Taylor is moving her voice to afternoon drive at sister hot AC WMXY/98.9 “Mix 98.9”. Her show will take the time slot once occupied by Dan Gonder, who left the station in Clear Channel’s second round of budget cuts.

That results in the following lineup on WAKZ: Columbus-based syndicated duo Dave and Jimmy until 10 AM, Los Angeles-based radio virus Ryan Seacrest 10 AM-2 PM, “96.5 Kiss FM” Cleveland-based and former Youngstown-based talent Kasper 2-6 PM, and Chris Diaz in nights…who may or may not be based at Roanoke VA Clear Channel top 40 outlet WJJS/104.9-102.7 “Jammin’ JJS”.

That’d be an odd coincidence, since one-time OMW reader Kasper once worked in the same market, at WJJS’ top 40 competitor WXLK/92.3 “K92”.

Ms. Taylor, of course, is better known west of Youngstown as the morning co-host with Matt Patrick, on Clear Channel Akron market hot AC WKDD/98.1. We’re making the assumption that she’s voicetracking Y-town from Freedom Avenue in beautiful (uhh) Jackson Township, in northern Stark County. Though…South Avenue is not THAT far away.

Whew. We THINK we got that right…

MOVIN’ OUT?: Either we’re imagining things, or today, one of the major trade websites reported the exit of a Cleveland music radio personality to a new job… in the state of Virginia.

We went back to find the item, but it has now disappeared. We also can’t find any word of it on the popular Virginia media site VARTV.

Since we’re unsure of the item now, we won’t post details about it yet…but if anyone knows what we’re talking about, we invite you to drop us an E-mail…


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