THIS JUST IN: Maxwell Out?

If you believe the chatter this morning on Clear Channel rock WMMS/100.7’s “Rover’s Morning Glory” this morning, the station’s afternoon drive program is out.

For now, the WMMS-hosted website for “The Maxwell Show” is still around. Stations generally pull or hide such sites when major changes are in the works.

But in a very open conversation with his listeners, WMMS morning drive leader Shane “Rover” French has made it quite clear that “Maxwell” is gone from the station.


“We wanted to keep the show.” is the mantra being repeated by a voice we assume by the identification is WMMS program director Bo Matthews. (We say “we assume” because it’s a long-time tradition for radio shows to fake management on the air.)

If the on air chatter on “RMG” is accurate, again, the station apparently made a contract offer to Maxwell and his crew, which was apparently not accepted.

We caution…that all the above is on-air talk. We’ll try to confirm details throughout the day today, but this open talk about the WMMS afternoon drive slot on the station’s morning show was too big to ignore…


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