Making Up For It

Life for your Primary Editorial Voice(tm) has been busy, and unfortunately, the Mighty Blog of Fun(tm) has been on the back burner.  Somewhat more important, crucial items have been dominating our time.

That means we haven’t gotten some items we promised we’d put up, or planned to put up…but we’ll try to make it up here somehow…

THE FILL-IN PARADE PART 1:  A former Cleveland morning radio host will get some morning radio time again this week.

Brian Fowler (ex-“Brian and Joe” co-host) will once again be filling in for CBS Radio classic rock WNCX/98.5 morning co-host Scott Miller, Monday and Tuesday of this week.

But Brian, formerly morning co-host with Joe Cronauer at Clear Channel hot AC WMVX/106.5 “Mix 106.5” until the Clear Channel budget axe fell last year, has some more news.

“Brian and Joe” will reunite in front of TV cameras, as they will host a new show on Time Warner Cable’s Northeast Ohio Network (NEON) called “This One Time…”.  It’s a 12 episode series Brian tells OMW will “highlight local stories, with a twist”.

The program will be produced through 5Front, the production company that produces local content for “NEON”…familiar programs like “More Sports and Les Levine”, “3 Squares” and the like.

Brian tells us he’s also writing comedic material for former Cleveland radio personality Scott Glazer, who is working in San Diego Sacramento (thanks to OMW Reader Chuck Matthews for the correction!) these days, in addition to his full-time work at a local advertising agency.

And like many other OMW readers, he’s also hanging out his voice talent shingle…and is “just starting” to look for radio/TV voice imaging work…

FILL-IN PARADE PART 2:  While waiting for his next opportunity at Clear Channel talk WLW/700 “The Big One” in Cincinnati, sister WTAM/1100 Cleveland weekender and fill-in Matt Patrick is getting something of a short “busman’s holiday”, if you will.

Next week, Matt heads to the beach…not the radio beach, but very nearly the literal beach in the Norfolk/Virginia Beach (Hampton Roads) VA market, where he’ll fill-in during mornings Tuesday and Wednesday at classic rock WAFX/106.9 Suffolk VA “The Fox”.

Aside from helping out a radio friend, Matt tells us that the two day gig will give the station the idea what a mix between an “adult talk/news” format and the station’s existing classic rock format would sound like.

It doesn’t sound like this would be a permanent landing spot for Mr. Patrick, who presumably is still interested in full-time work either at WLW or WTAM…the former WKDD/98.1-WHLO/640 Akron host has been getting a lot of fill-in at Oak Tree in the past couple of weeks, including stints sitting in for afternoon driver Mike Trivisonno and evening host Bob Frantz.

Oh, and on his Saturday WTAM show, Matt told a very interesting story of his personal experience with Interval Brotherhood Home founder “Father Sam”.

Rev. Samuel Ciccolini pleaded guilty Friday, according to a story by AkronNewsNow’s Tina Kaufmann, to “structuring financial transactions to evade reporting requirements and making and subscribing a false tax return.”

The story Patrick told on WTAM on Saturday is also at his blog, in an item written before the court hearing…

AND WE MISSED IT:  We unfortunately weren’t able to get something up before a big event for a locally-produced movie involving area media names, but you’ll still have a chance to catch up with it.

It is the movie “The Dead Matter”, which we wrote about in an item in April 2009.

Quoting our earlier item, in a clip from “The Dead Matter”‘s website:

A vampire relic with occult powers falls into the hands of a grief-stricken young woman who will do anything to contact her dead brother. The Dead Matter is a story-driven horror film drenched in the dark atmospheric world of Midnight Syndicate’s music.

Among the cast members: Local TV icon “Big Chuck” Schodowski (former WJW/8 personality, of course, as if you need us to explain that), radio veteran and OMW reader Mike Olszewski (who most recently has been doing news at Kent State University’s WKSU/89.7), and TV host/sports personality Al Pawlowski (SportsTime Ohio, NEON’s “3 Squares”, etc.).

The event we missed posting about was a showing in Chardon on Saturday night.  The benefit screening at Chardon’s historic Geauga Theatre was to help fund construction of a film department at Geauga Arts Center.

If you can make it to Mentor on Friday, you can still attend a “Dead Matter” event:

Cast members will be on hand for a DVD signing at the Hot Topic store in the Great Lakes Mall in Mentor on July 30th from 6:30pm-7:30pm. Scheduled to appear are FX artist David Greathouse (The Stand; Magnolia; Tales from the Crypt), Donna Williams (The Rapture), director Edward Douglas, actors Christopher Robichaud, Big Chuck Schodowski and Mike Olszewski.  Movie props and set pieces will also be on display.  Free full-sized movie posters will be given away with the purchase of the The Dead Matter DVD.

Additional screenings are listed here, should we forget in the future.

The movie’s producer is Chardon’s own Edward Douglas…

AND A QUICK QUESTION: Reprinted from a question we posed on our Twitter account, which due to the mechanics involved in posting it, did not automatically copy over to our Facebook account:

“What’s wrong with WNIR’s Howie Chizek? Heard a caller talk about an ‘injury’, Bob E said it was not ‘career ending’. Phil filling in today.”

We heard fill-ins such as Jim Isabella and Bob Earley, and afternoon news voice Phil Ferguson, in the past week.

We’d have more, but we’re literally out of time…


One Response to Making Up For It

  1. Mark says:

    I think either Bob Golic or Jim Isabella mention that Howie had a problem with his sciatic nerve. It’s not life threatening, but it is painful. One way to treat it is to avoid sitting. Not good when you are the greatest talk show host in the universe!

    The real KING will be back on the air soon!

    Howie Chizek – The KING! Because the honor is earned!!!

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