Life Passing

First of all, we hate to write about media-connected people passing away. It’s a very sad occasion, but one we’re tasked with having to perform every so often due to the nature of this report.

The Dover-New Philadelphia radio community is mourning the passage of a giant.

Dick Hanchette was a fixture in Tuscarawas County radio. From the website of WJER/1450:

One of the most distinctive and entertaining Voices of the Valley is gone. Long time WJER talent Dick Hanchette died over the weekend. Hanchette started working at WJER in the late 1970’s as an announcer as well as sales and was known for his many practical jokes and his quick wit. Big Daddy will be fondly remembered echoing down the halls here at WJER about “Work assignments!” and for his many collections, including his Mad Magazine memorabilia. He wrapped up his full-time duties in 2007 for health reasons. He touched so many lives with his creative genius, knowledge of the broadcast industry, and his own brand of humor. He was 60 years old.

Long-time OMW reader Steve Kelly now works at the Saga cluster in Columbus, but was a co-worker of Hanchette for many years.

Steve tells us:

“Dick Hanchette was a genius on air, and in the marketing and sales department at WJER. I am so honored to have worked with him for almost 25 years. When they made him, they broke the mold. He was one of the most creative and talented individuals I have ever been associated with. He was well respected in broadcast circles all over Northeast Ohio.”

You know the kind of person that’s instantly associated with a radio market? The kind that if you had to pick one person to represent radio in the area, you’d pick? It sounds like Dick Hanchette was just that in the Dover-New Philadelphia area.

One other note: Yes, we’re aware of a family member of one prominent Northeast Ohio media personality passing away.

We understand that the family is asking for privacy, so we won’t post any details here. But if they happen to read this…we offer our most sincere condolences…


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  1. Adam Michaels says:

    Congrats to KISS FM’s Kasper and WKDD’s Krissy Taylor on the birth of their daughter as well! Saw it in AllAccess last night and RAMP this morning.

    -Adam M

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