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This is a tough one to write.

But there’s no other way to say it…the medical prognosis for “Uncle Bill” Weisinger, local radio engineer and volunteer leader of WSTB/88.9’s “Sunday Oldies Jukebox”, has taken a turn for the worse.

As such, the focus of those around Bill’s life in the past few days has been maximizing the time he has left on this earth.

This picture is from a 61st birthday visit by his “Sunday Oldies Jukebox” co-horts to the local care center where Bill is staying.

Bill is also still in touch with us here at OMW…telling us a group of local radio types were able to “find new homes” for all of the radio equipment in his condo.

Regular readers of the Mighty Blog need little introduction to Bill Weisinger, a long-time Friend of OMW.

In addition to heading up the “SOJ” effort and doing engineering work for the Streetsboro schools-owned station, Bill also has done engineering work for stations like Mount Union College’s WRMU/91.1 Alliance, and Kenston High School standards outlet WKHR/91.5 Bainbridge.

And even though he’s not out there working on it any more, Bill informed us (and others on his E-mail list) that WKHR had just installed a new antenna.

Back at WSTB, long-time general manager and OMW reader Bob Long tells us the station is in its third studio location after the fire at Streetsboro High School – in one of the temporary trailers the school has set up while it renovates the high school building.

You can bet Bill wishes he could be there, helping the effort…and you can bet the Friends of Uncle Bill wish he could be there as well.

Bill is still reading the GetWellBill.com site set up to send him messages, and we’re sure he’d appreciate a message…or a signal report on WKHR’s new antenna, even.

Your Primary Editorial Voice(tm) is not a doctor, and we don’t play one on the Internet, so we’re not going to go into the details of Bill’s medical condition.

We only hope that he has as much time left among his friends as possible, and that the time left is rich. And if it were up to us, that time would be measured in “years”…


One Response to About Bill

  1. yekimi says:

    I am sad. When “Uncle Bill” advertised on another web site that they were looking for DJs at the Sunday Oldies Jukebox, I applied. Although, I didn’t get the job, while I was there he showed me around the studios and also some of the equipment he had built. I was mightily impressed with what he had accomplished with WSTB. I have had the occasion in the last couple of weeks to travel to the Cleveland area and have listened in to WKHR and was impressed with how well they sounded, although once I was well south of I-271 they started to fade away. Uncle Bill, if you are reading this, thanks for giving me a tryout and thanks for keeping good….no, great…. oldies on the airways of Northeastern Ohio.

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