The Big Hiatus

Due to circumstances beyond our control…oh, you know the drill.

We will not be able to regularly update the Mighty Blog of Fun(tm) on a regular basis, at least for some time. We’re only putting this message up here so we don’t get “where are you, and why haven’t you updated?” questions, particularly when there is major media news afoot.

(For example, CBS Radio hot AC WQAL/104.1 “Q104” morning co-host Rebecca Wilde’s departure from the station next month, leaving reportedly for a travel sabbatical.)

We will continue to be able to put items on our Twitter feed, which also reprints to the right side of this blog and can be directly reached, even without any Twitter access or account of your own, at You don’t have to “do” Twitter to just read that page.

However, due to the constraints mentioned above, we may not be able to put items on Twitter in a timely fashion.

Please still continue to send us tips and media news (using About/E-mail link above, or our Twitter or Facebook accounts). Just understand that right now, we may not be able to get it on the blog.

We are also considering bringing aboard a guest editor, but that person would be clearly identified as not being your Primary Editorial Voice(tm). We are weighing the implications of bringing another Editorial Voice into the mix. Please keep watching This Space.

Thank you for your cooperation, and understanding. Yes, we’re fine…just swamped.


One Response to The Big Hiatus

  1. Well, a good ‘Guest Editor’ would be Mike Olzewski as Alan Alda doing Grocho!-)

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