RIP, Uncle Bill

OMW hears that “Uncle Bill” Weisinger, veteran local radio engineer and volunteer program director of WSTB/88.9 Streetsboro’s “Sunday Oldies Jukebox”, passed away this morning.

Unfortunately, Bill’s passing is no surprise to OMW readers, as we informed readers of his courageous battle against a cancerous tumor… and let people know back in late August that Bill was maximizing his time with friends and radio colleagues.

This picture is reprinted from our earlier item, where a host of friends visited him at a local care center in August.

And in an odd coincidence, we were paging through some of these old posts late last night, and had intended to check on Bill’s current condition today. He’d even been in E-mail contact with us as recently as late September.

He was also still reading (and posting to), the guestbook set up to send him messages…as recently as last month.

Today, this message appears from “Sunday Oldies Jukebox” staffer “Rockin ‘Rick”…

Sadly, Uncle Bill passed away this morning. Your messages and kind words brought much joy to our friend throughout his ordeal. From all of us at the Sunday Oldies Jukebox, our heartfelt thanks for your thoughtfulness and compassion. You helped to brighten Uncle Bill’s days.
He will always be missed.
As Red Skelton used to say,
“May God Bless”.
Thank you all so very much,

[Rockin’] Rick

We will add other messages about Bill to this item.

Though we had never met Bill, we certainly considered him a Friend of OMW, and our most sincere condolences to his family, friends and radio colleagues…


4 Responses to RIP, Uncle Bill

  1. Yekimi says:

    A great man, tremendous engineer and a passion for LOCAL radio that possibly cannot be equaled by anyone in the area. R.I.P., Uncle Bill.

  2. Kevin Grimm says:

    Thank you UNcle Bill for keeping WSTB and the Sunday Oldie’s Jukebox rockin’ for so many years!

  3. Yekimi says:

    Here is Uncle Bill’s obituary. You can leave a comment in the guest book if you would like to,

  4. Yekimi says:

    Here is Uncle Bill’s obituary. You can leave a comment in the guest book if you would like to.

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