The Lake In Audio

Courtesy of long-time OMW contributor Nathan Obral, here’s audio of the format change of WMVX/106.5, which flipped from hot AC “Mix 106.5” to a four day stunt, then adult hits as “106.5 The Lake”.

The audio below is “scoped”…you’ll only hear parts of songs, generally the beginning and end, and various parts of spots, commercials and imaging, starting at 39 minutes before Monday’s 7:30 AM format change.

We’re using YouTube since the free version of WordPress doesn’t do audio hosting. The “video” is just the audio with a “Lake” logo displaying.

The “video” is here. We tried to embed it here, but apparently, YouTube won’t let us since there is Sony Entertainment content…which we guess they don’t allow to be displayed on WordPress. Just click the link.

For those who can’t do YouTube at all, an OMW reader has the heart of the format change posted in audio only form here.


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