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It’s a question we get every so often… can someone subscribe to OMW via E-mail?

As it turns out, that’s possible in WordPress, and we’ve officially turned on the widget.

Just look over there —–> to the right.

If you’re not a WordPress user, there’s a box to put in your E-mail address. WordPress will send you a confirmation E-mail. Just click the link, and you’ll get an E-mail each time we put up a new post.

If you’re a WordPress user, click the link, and it’ll do the same for whichever address is attached to your WordPress account. (You can log out of WordPress if you want to send the subscription to a different E-mail address.)

All of this is automatic, and free, of course.

The subscription will actually send the content of the post in the E-mail, so you don’t even have to click to come to the blog. (Though we encourage it, especially for the ability to read and add comments. There is a link on the E-mail that’ll take you to the site.)

Those of you who are notified of our new posts via Twitter and Facebook, don’t worry…that’s not changing.

And if you wish to do so, you can get notified both ways!

Thank you again to the readers who kept asking, and we’re glad it’s in place…


One Response to Subscribe To OMW

  1. I really don’t think Robin will be off the television airwaves for long (hopefully there is no ’no compete clause’ in her conditions on leaving) the show. WJW TV 8 is making a very bad judgment it its desire to pass ‘inforemercials’ programs as entertainment. Robin’s main strength is getting out of the studio and doing shows on the road. The other problem with her set on the show – it looked too cheap – folding chairs and card tables, come on! Without Robin, the show that they are planning to do is going to tune out viewers. Do you honestly think viewers are going to watch an hour commercial thinly disguised as an afternoon entertainment show? Viewers are going to tune out in droves. Real stupid Local TV! Robin is like ’comfort food’, you watch her because she seems like your friend next door, and she’s not afraid of being real – well, at least as real as television talk show hosts get. The problem with the other daytime talk show is the hosts don’t go out on field trips. What would really be good is if Robin can get a show going where one would actually see a real background behind her, like a downtown or park scene from a second floor studio. The show would look more alive. Get her a decent set with wood trim rather than cheap wall paint that looks like it came from an inexpensive can of paint someone had stuffed under their garage workbench. And it one is going to have a fireplace – make it look a little more real for gosh sakes. Good pre-promotion for Robin’s next show is to let viewers pick the hairstyle Robin should go for via website voting. The thing is, lets get Robin on the air quickly, any station that can pick her up will have a ratings winner over it’s competition on local tv. Robin, I’m pulling for you!-) And thanks for taking the high road. – Andrew Boggs, –

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