Fox 8’s New Day Dawning

Several of our readers stumbled upon a new Facebook page purporting to be for Local TV Fox affiliate WJW/8 “Fox 8″‘s new mid-morning show (along with a Twitter account), and it appears to be official.

That’s because “Fox 8” has put up a placeholder on its website for the new show, “New Day Cleveland”, in the slot formerly occupied by “Robin”, the link for the former-but-still-in-reruns “Robin Swoboda Show”.

The link on WJW’s website doesn’t say much…it’s “under construction”, literally, with the “New Day Cleveland” logo in pieces being put together.

But the Facebook page brings more light to the show which would appear to be set for a February 7th debut. That’s when “The Robin Swoboda Show” turns into “To Be Announced” on various TV listing sites, according to long-time OMW contributor Nathan Obral.

“Infotainment” is the key word for the new show, according to the Facebook site:

A show that will bring you cooking, travel, health, entertainment and so much more.

It’s the best way to start your day…it’s a New Day Cleveland!

And the site confirms our earlier reporting, as new “Fox 8 News” meteorologist Kristi Capel, inbound from WBRE/28 in Wilkes-Barre PA, joins up with WJW entertainment reporter David Moss for the new show.

The page also lists a cast of other personalities who have been seen on “Fox 8”: radio personalities Rebecca Wilde, Jen Toohey, and Jimmy Malone, and “more!”.

Moss and Wilde have hosted “fill-in” shows for the still-there-but-former-not-really-“Robin Swoboda Show”, though as the station gears up for “New Day”, we presume that they’ll run Robin’s repeats through the end of next week.

What the “New Day” Facebook page does not promise: more “sponsored programming”…


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