TRANSCRIPT: Joe Tait’s Last Cavs Radio Words

The following is a transcript of Joe Tait’s last moments as the Voice of the Cavaliers…first, his final exchange with Mike Snyder, and then, his sign off – slightly altered from his usual version.

We’d like to thank Fox Sports Ohio for replaying the Cavaliers Radio Network call, so we could properly transcribe these segments:


MIKE SNYDER: Joe, we’ve reached that time, and I’ll tell ya, I must say, it’s really been a privilege for me to work with you, doing this over the last 20 years. I’ve been here for most of those post-games, and some of those west coast games, where you would send me off at halftime. But, you know, I talked with you earlier today…prior to working with you, I heard you as a listener, then I met you as an aspiring sportscaster, and as you get ready to “do it to it” for the last time, I want to simply thank you. I want to thank you for your friendship, and thank you for some unforgettable, great radio, as you have painted the picture and told the stories of the Cavaliers over the years, and entertained us all. And I wish you and Jeanne nothing but the best as you go forward, Joe.

JOE TAIT: Well, thank you, Mike…and knowing what your schedule has been and is, you weren’t an “aspiring” sportscaster, you were a “perspiring” sportscaster. (both laugh)

MIKE SNYDER: There you are, you’ve always got the right thing to say. You’re right… Joe, your sense of humor has made us all feel better about life in Northeast Ohio for almost 40 years now. Thank you.


JOE TAIT: Well, that’s going to do it for yours truly – and (laugh) I mean that in more ways than one…but, it’s been a real ball over the years that I’ve spent here talking to you folks, and I enjoy the response that I have received from you, believe me, very, very sincerely. So, stay tuned, there’ll be more coming on the post game with Mike Snyder, and we’ll see you down the line.

This is Joe Tait…have a good life, everybody!


3 Responses to TRANSCRIPT: Joe Tait’s Last Cavs Radio Words

  1. Yekimi says:

    I am not a basketball fan AT ALL, but I tuned into a few of them just to hear Joe Tait call the game. I wish I knew how he makes it seem so easy but I know from experience it isn’t. I called soccer games and wrestling matches [not that WWE crap] and no one needed to tell me I was awful, I knew I was. Had to bite my tongue more than a few times cause I wanted to yell out at the players what they were doing wrong and what needed to be done to correct it. Since he doesn’t do computers, I know he’ll never see this but he deserves a big thanks from Everyone in Northeast Ohio and I’m glad he didn’t take his “talent” elsewhere.

  2. 74WIXYgrad says:

    As a long time sports fan, I was sorry to see this moment coming. As many in my age bracket, I would do my homework while listening to Joe Tait make the early Cleveland Cavaliers games very interesting with his catch phrases, “Bobby Smith, to the line, to the lane-BINGO!” and “Two for the Brew.” I also remember when Hal Lebowitz wrote that Joe was going to get an NBA ref killed someday, while he gave Joe, then an Indians radio announcer, partial blame for the Beer Night fiasco in 1974. I also think of the time when I wanted to get into radio, meeting Tait by the broadcast table at the Coliseum, Joe graciously giving me a few minutes after a Cavs game and giving me some advice. I’m sure that there are many who can relate that story as well.

    It’s been great to listen to a legend over the years who could make bad basketball and bad baseball very enjoyable to listen to.

  3. Mark says:

    In the 1970’s when the Indians were awful, the stadium was falling apart, and the city was in the doldrums, there was always that positive statement from Joe on WWWE at the beginning of each game:
    “It’s a beautiful day for baseball!”

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