WEAO/49 Outage Update

UPDATE 4/23/11 1:07 PM: WEAO/49 is still off the air as of this writing – though is still airing on Time Warner Cable, with earlier volume problems long ago fixed.

From the station’s update on Friday:

Work continues on the WEAO/Channel 49 transmission problem. Please know that restoring WEAO transmission is Western Reserve Public Media’s number-one priority.

We don’t know what progress was made on Thursday, but the weather is once again not cooperating, with more rain pelting the area.

Good news: the WNEO feed carried to the Cleveland/Akron-area Time Warner systems also includes the Western Reserve subchannels, Fusion, MHz Worldview and V-me, which we’re able to get here on our end of the TWC system.

And though the loss of the over-air WEAO signal is probably quite frustrating to our friends at Campus Center Drive, Northeast Ohio’s cable penetration is pretty high…so a lot of viewers are still able to watch the station.

We don’t know if DirecTV has been able to fix the situation or not, or if WEAO will return to its Cleveland market viewers before the over-air signal is fixed…


Yes, Western Reserve PBS’ Akron outlet, WEAO/49, is still off the air…as weather has hampered a needed repair to the station’s transmission line.

Direct from the one and only Diane Steinert, Western Reserve PBS’ communications coordinator and unofficial OMW Handler, here is the latest update.


The estimate now is that work will be delayed until Thursday, based solely on the weather reports. It’s still too wet for the repair crew to climb the tower.

Here’s our understanding as to whom has switched from 49 to 45: Time Warner, AT&T Uverse, Massillon Cable and Direct TV.

Who cannot get us? WEAO over-the-air viewers; Cox Cable, WOW and Dish Network customers. (Cox Cable is trying, but has not yet been able to solve the problem.)

What alternatives might viewers have? Over-the-air viewers can try to redirect their antennae toward the Salem transmitter, but we cannot guarantee they’ll be able to pick up the signal. Direction for most of those people will be east, south or southeast. Cox, WOW and Dish customers just won’t be able to see us until the repairs are made.


12 Responses to WEAO/49 Outage Update

  1. Yekimi says:

    Since I only have an OTA antenna can I get a partial refund of my donation to keep WEAO on the air? Seems they’re not keeping up their end of the bargain!

  2. Yekimi says:

    Before anyone goes bonkers, I’m just kidding!

  3. cb says:

    Sorry, but info is incorrect…. Still no signal on DirecTv Ch 49 as of Monday night.

    • Passing along to the station. Check here for a reply tomorrow!

      FWIW, we’re pretty sure WNEO/WEAO is fed OTA to all systems, and has no fiber optic feed like some of the big commercial stations.

  4. Our understanding is that DirecTV is still working on trying to switch to our WNEO signal.

    • cb says:

      I wonder how hard they’re really trying…. I’m not upset, just suspect. I’ve got Time Warner as a backup!!

  5. DP says:

    And still no signal on Directv or OTA. It’s inconceivable that in this day and age it has taken this much time with zero results.

  6. Yekimi says:

    This is Ohio. If they are waiting for the weather to get better, stop raining, etc. they may not be back on the air till late July!

  7. Tim says:

    Still no signal in the Slavic Village area of Cleveland for WNEO 49. It used to come in like a local. MHZ Worldview is one of my favorite HD subchannels. Hopefully it will be back sooner than later.

  8. Bob K. says:

    As of 7pm, Sat. April 23rd, I am a DirecTV customer and cannot receive 45/49. If I was a regular watcher of PBS programming or didn’t have WVIZ, I’d be concerned.

  9. We’ve learned that the satellite companies and Cox Cable are unable to make the switch. They’ve all been great in trying to do so, and we appreciate their efforts. Repair work is still being thwarted by the weather.

  10. glenna coup says:

    as of April 29, i stilI am unable pick up any of my 49 channels on HDTV-I missed my candleford to oxford and it is not available to watch online either….I miss my shows 😦 It has been off since the beginning of month

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