THIS JUST IN: WEAO/49 Back On The Air

Western Reserve PBS’ Akron outlet, WEAO/49, is back on the air…after spending much of April off the air due to transmission line problems.

In honor of the return, we present this picture of tower crews making a quicker ascent of the Copley Township tower in a rather unusual way…during an earlier attempt to return the station to the air.

(Thanks, of course, to Western Reserve PBS communications coordinator and OMW Handler Diane Steinert for passing this along!)

Those with Time Warner Cable and some other cable systems may not have noticed the outage, since those systems used a feed from sister Youngstown market station WNEO/45 Alliance since the day after the signal went out.

But the over-air return should also return the Kent-based public TV outlet to customers of DirecTV, Dish Network and Cleveland’s Cox Cable systems.

Of course, the WEAO subchannels are also back on the air – 49.2 (Fusion), 49.3 (MHz Worldview) and 49.4 (V-me).

As far as we know, the station is back at full strength, but let us know if you’re on the fringes of the 49 signal.

We’d also be interested in confirmation that the over-air signal’s return has brought WEAO back to the satellite services and Cox Cable…


2 Responses to THIS JUST IN: WEAO/49 Back On The Air

  1. Stephen says:

    I can confirm that it is back on DirecTv

  2. Tim says:

    WEAO 49 is back and better than ever in the Slavic Village area of Cleveland with the OTA signal. Thank you to all the people who worked hard to resolve this issue.

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