Missing And Lost

This is a very hard story to write…one that affects a Northeast Ohio broadcaster and his family.

Dave Dial was most recently heard on Dix country WQKT/104.5 Wooster, doing an afternoon live, local show called “The Best of the Best”…until the station decided to return to the Dial Global satellite feed already heard most of the day.

Dave, an OMW reader, has been unemployed since then…and is still very much looking for work. But now he has a new, even more personal struggle.

Dave, and Tami Cassidy (advertising executive and editor at Trogdon Publishing/The Trading Post newspapers) are looking for their missing teenage daughter, who hasn’t been seen for nearly six weeks now.

There are also stories from the Medina Gazette, and CBS affiliate WOIO/19’s “19 Action News”, about missing 17 year-old Crystal Dial.

Here’s a picture of a younger Crystal with her father.

She’s believed to be out of state with her boyfriend, who according to the reports, has an arrest warrant out on him.

Dave tells us that he and Tami Cassidy were “high school sweethearts” who got married when he was originally program director at WWST (now oldies WKVX), and that they were married for 14 years.

Dealing with unemployment (or underemployment) in the tough industry of broadcasting is more than enough for one person, but worrying about the safety of your daughter on top of that is almost an unimaginable burden…


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