Dick Goddard’s Way

We even joked about it in the last item…is the stretch of South Marginal Road in Cleveland, in front of Local TV Fox affiliate WJW/8 “Fox 8”, Dick Goddard Way yet?

Sure enough, the following day, Monday, the dedication was made.

Fox 8 News’ Lindsay Buckingham reports that the dedication ceremony was private on Monday morning, with a long list of local dignitaries, and Fox 8 personalities both past (Tim Taylor, Belinda Prinz) and present (Bill Martin, Andre Bernier and master of ceremonies Lou Maglio).

Viewers could watch the private ceremony via video on Fox 8’s website, some of which is embedded in the story we’ve linked above.

As Dick marks his 50 years in local broadcasting, those who want some of the behind the scenes stories can pick up his book, “Six Inches of Partly Cloudy”, put out by Cleveland publisher Gray and Company.

We got ahold of a copy of the 144 page softcover book, and since we’re not really a book review site, we’ll let the publisher’s description take the stage:

Legendary Cleveland TV personality and pioneering meteorologist Dick Goddard celebrates a remarkable 50 years on television with this grab-bag of personal stories, witty cartoons, fun facts, and essays about weather, pets, Ohio history, the TV business, and much more. Also included are favorite stories about Dick told by his friends and colleagues—and dozens of photos.

And yes, there are those who believe Dick should retire sooner rather than later.

But really, the book reminded us that Dick Goddard’s 50 years of broadcasting are full of stories of a not-exactly-perfect man, even in his early years in front of the camera. When picking up one of his earliest awards, both Dick and his boss at the time expressed surprise that he was getting an award.

Dick’s forecasting is solid, near as we can tell, just as much so in 2011 as when he started at then-KYW/3 in the 1960s.

And his on-air quirks?

Some may be fueled by the fact that he’s 80 years old now, but it’s not all that much different than his entire career…despite serious doubt in his very early years that he’d even make it past a few weeks as a TV weatherman, his charm and good humor rules the day. You can’t beat a well-loved personality who just happens to do solid forecasting.

In the end, as we’ve said very often here, Dick Goddard leaves those studios on South Marginal…er…Dick Goddard Way…when he’s ready to retire. Fox 8’s VP/GM Greg Easterly knows that, and so does everyone else in the market…


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  1. yekimi says:

    Lindsay Buckingham? Wow, Fox 8 sure is a far cry from the days of Fleetwood Mac & a solo music career. ;-}

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