NewsChannel 5 Busts Up Good Morning Cleveland

UPDATE 11:55 PM 7/6/11: OMW hears that Kenworthy and Gill’s contracts were up at the end of July, and that station management told them Tuesday that the contracts wouldn’t be renewed.

We hear the moves were “a total shock to everyone” at 3001 Euclid.

What can you blame for this sudden move, if anything? Weak ratings…the Gill/Kenworthy team running up against the buzzsaw that is Local TV WJW/8’s “Fox 8 News in the Morning”, and stability and ratings growth over at 13th and Lakeside (Gannett WKYC/3’s Mark Nolan and Hollie Strano) are mostly responsible.

We hear that there is no known long term plan for now, with Curtis Jackson to continue in the short term solo-anchoring the show…

UPDATE 11:50 AM 7/6/11: Reporter/anchor Curtis Jackson solo-anchored the morning news today, with the usual “GMC” players on the show on with him.

We are assuming Curtis is filling in, and don’t know the future plans for the morning show yet – or if it’ll even be called “Good Morning Cleveland”…


As reported on our Twitter and Facebook accounts, OMW has confirmed that Scripps Cleveland ABC affiliate WEWS/5 has released anchors Pete Kenworthy and Kimberly Gill, the hosts of “Good Morning Cleveland”.

Their last show was Tuesday morning.

That’s about all we know right now. This item is here just to get it up on the blog, and we’ll add details as we learn them…


13 Responses to NewsChannel 5 Busts Up Good Morning Cleveland

  1. Isabel Vanover says:

    Don’t you display animals who are adoptable from the Canton Shelter. There are 16 dogs scheduled to be killed today. These dogs don’t have a chance to find good homes. Info is on Facebook, Pet Pardons application. If there were exposure, more dogs/cats could be saved!

  2. Glossie Barron says:

    Well I won’t be watching anymore—Since Kim and Pete are gone!

  3. nancy Wright says:

    I think you have made a BIG mistake, After years of warching good morning ckeveland I
    you finelly had a good team that I enjoyed,dhame on youI

  4. marilyn strickland says:

    Mornings are just not the same without Pete and Kim. We enjoyed watching them and getting the local news before GMA came on. Channel 5 BRING BACK Pete and Kim … please.

  5. Edna Romano says:

    We quit watching that horrible team on 8 a few months ago, and now you pull this stunt ?

  6. Sue Tully says:

    you are fools for letting Pete Kenworthy and Kimberly Gill go. Is there no justice to keeping good people on the air. I don’t know where you think this show is heading, but I know these two individuals can do much better if this is how you treat your employees.

    Enraged in Munroe Falls

  7. Isabel, I appreciate the sentiment and understand.

    However, Ohio Media Watch is a blog that reports on local media news and personalities. We don’t handle issues regarding animal adoption.

    Since we do report on local media, we strongly suggest you contact Dick Goddard at WJW “Fox 8 News”. This is what he lives for…

  8. Danielle says:

    I can’t believe that Pete and Kim will not be in my morning routine! They were absolutely wonderful at their jobs and I think the way ABC handled this is extremely distasteful. I have been watching channel 5 for the past 12 years, I guess now I’ll have to switch to another channel. Such a shame!

  9. tare says:

    Pete and Kim were my favorite morning news team. Guess I will just quit watching the AM News altogether!

  10. Mary Ann says:

    I watched Pete and Kim every morning. I thought they were great! I think channel 5 made a big – big mistake by releasing them. What were you thinking? Admit to your mistake and bring them back. I will be switching to another channel.

  11. Mary Parker says:

    I’m a hard core channel 5 news watcher and can’t believe what you’ve done. I will be watching channel 3 in the morning. BAD DECISION!!!!!

  12. Kathleen says:

    We were on vacation and came back to THIS! I’m so dismayed – loved Pete and Kim – they made every morning a good one. So sorry that this has happened!

  13. Shay says:

    Did TV5 ever consider that maybe the hosts are not the problem? I switched to 5 after I found this duo, oh well…… I can switch again.

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