Little Doubt: Maxwell Out

It appears that CBS Radio Cleveland classic rocker WNCX/98.5 is moving on without “The Maxwell Show”.

Program director Bill Louis is on the station this morning, playing the station’s usual classic rock music, with not a hint of any mention of “The Maxwell Show”, the talk show which has occupied the WNCX morning drive airwaves.

And the exclamation point on Maxwell’s exit comes when you go to the WNCX website, which has been scrubbed of all mentions of the show, not to mention “The Maxwell Show”‘s own section of the website, which returns “Page not found – Sorry, no posts matched your criteria” as of this morning.

We coined a phrase for this: it’s the most complete “Soviet-style purge” of a station’s morning show that we’ve ever seen, both on the web and on the air.

We don’t know the behind-the-scenes on this yet.

We do know that just one studio over, CBS Radio’s Cleveland cluster (male audience division) is about to debut a new, high-profile, multi-person morning show on WKRK/92.3 “The Fan” – set to start as a sports station on Monday.

With Kevin Kiley, Chuck Booms, update anchor Jeff Thomas and producers Tony Mazur and Josh Potter, is there any room for the similarly-staffed “Maxwell Show” in the Halle Building competing for that audience?

It would seem not.

A major hat tip to our own Secondary Editorial Voice(tm), Nathan Obral, for posting this news on his Twitter account on Thursday evening…


4 Responses to Little Doubt: Maxwell Out

  1. Shawn says:

    Sorry to hear this, but the AM-drive version of MWL just lacked the energy of the old PM version. I hope somebody hires the team soon, they’re better than Rover, Triv, and most of the other trash on the airwaves around Cleveland!

  2. Craig Friedmann says:

    Max Stansbury and Chunk had a great run at mms and ncx destroyed the show, they will land somewhere. Unless its 92.3 we will all be listening on the internet or podcasting…unless they pick another Jurassic age station like 98.5 that wont podcast.

  3. Pat says:

    Scrubbed of all mentions of the show? Wrong.

    • Yeah, they left a crumb or two behind. Note that it says “No posts”, of course, since the MWL Show pages are deleted.

      There were a few links in “Trending Topics” from the show, but they were fixed on Friday.

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