THIS JUST IN: Jeff Phelps. No, Really.

This Just In: Brought in by helicopter, to a cheering crowd of thousands left over from the filming of the “Avengers” movie…

Wait, we’re making that up.

But yes, Virginia, there is a Jeff Phelps on CBS Radio sports WKRK/92.3 “The Fan”, and yes, he is co-hosting with “92.3 The Fan”‘s Andy Baskin on “Cleveland’s Talking Heads”.

No, really.

This saga began when Baskin and show producer Lindsey Foltin both announced (via Twitter) Phelps as the show’s co-host on the Friday before the station’s launch.

Fast forward to early Monday a week ago, and a certain media blog passed that word along.

Nudge forward to last Monday at 10 AM, when Andy Baskin was paired with former Brown Reggie Rucker, Plain Dealer sportswriter Dennis Manoloff, and pretty much everyone not named Jeff Phelps.

Fast forward to Wednesday, where Baskin announced on the air that Jeff Phelps would be his co-host. And of course, a certain media blog passed along the word.

Move ahead to Thursday, and Jeff Phelps was “the guy we can’t mention”. Friday, Baskin hinted on the air and in promos that he would likely have “a co-host who probably wouldn’t come as a surprise to many of you”.

And, we’re here.

We are only making this so wordy because we feel like we’ve been riding on a Media Roller Coaster this past week, and have gotten several “you said Jeff Phelps would be on, and he’s not, why did you get that wrong?” E-mails.

Anyway, Phelps explained that the delay was because of all the work that needed to be done to merge his TV and radio contracts, the same process Baskin went through…but Baskin had a lot more time to do so, since he knew he’d be coming to the station long before its launch.

When the NBA and the Cleveland Cavaliers actually start playing again, Phelps will resume his role as pre-game/post-game host and sideline reporter…


2 Responses to THIS JUST IN: Jeff Phelps. No, Really.

  1. Joe says:

    Phelps & BAskin in 10 minutes sound infinetely better than YEARS of Rizzo, Aaron & Fedor on lame, sinking, spent, caller un-friendly WKNR. Missing and NOT missed, is the “know it all attitude” of Aaron G. and Fedor talking down to anyone stupid enough to still be listening to WKNR. Rizzo exclaing “Aaron” every two minutes is also really not missed! They better change or die a quick, painful radio death. Not that it matters tome, my sports talk loving friends, co-workers and family. C-ya former “voice of the fan”…LOL! Karma indeed…

  2. Joe says:

    Wow…just re-read that post. SORRY for all the typos!!!

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