THIS JUST IN: WGAR’s Chuck Collier Silenced By Heart Attack

There’s major shock in the Northeast Ohio media community tonight, as the voice of a beloved member of the community has been stilled.

Chuck Collier, whose name has been cemented to the call letters WGAR for 40 years – from its time as an adult contemporary station at AM 1220 through the current era as Cleveland’s dominant country station at 99.5, has died after a massive heart attack.

More from Clear Channel’s Tom Moore is found here.

We may have more in an update to this item later, but we just had to get this up here. Our sincere condolences to Chuck and his family and friends, and his friends and colleagues at Oak Tree and around the radio world…


One Response to THIS JUST IN: WGAR’s Chuck Collier Silenced By Heart Attack

  1. Mike D says:

    It breaks my heart to hear about this. Chuck was one of the bedrocks of North-east
    Ohio radio. He was personable, entertaining and had a wonderful voice. Listening
    to Chuck was like listening to a good friend that just happened to work at a radio
    station and was talking right to you. He will be missed.
    My thoughts, condolences and prayers go out to his family, friends and listeners.

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