Clear Channel Layoffs Post

Those watching the trade sites aren’t surprised: An estimated 150 to “many hundreds” of Clear Channel employees nationwide are being told today that their services aren’t necessary.

This post, affecting Northeast Ohio’s Clear Channel stations, will be a running list as we update it. All Access and other sites have been tracking those laid off in some other Ohio markets, like Dayton.

The so-called “Reduction in Force” is affecting mainly Clear Channel’s medium and smaller markets.


UPDATE 1:00 PM 10/28/11:

Rock WRQK/106.9 afternoon driver Todd “Fishhead” Fisher

Country WNCO-FM/101.3 midday host-Talk WNCO/1340 program director Gene Davis
Production director Bryan Moore
Utility/sports/news staffer Josh Bowman

UPDATE 5:10 PM 10/26/11:

Rock WNCD/93.3 and Top 40 WAKZ/95.9 program director Matt Spatz
Board operator Todd Heston
– Classic hits WBBG/106.1 program director Jeff Kelly adds duties as WNCD program director, and Hot AC WMXY/98.9 program director Steve Granato adds WAKZ duties to his plate.


7 Responses to Clear Channel Layoffs Post

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  2. gene davis says:

    I had 24 wonderful years at WNCO and will miss those folks I worked with every day…
    Gene Davis

  3. Tom says:

    Four to this point from CC Toledo as CC continues its tradition of handing out pink slips just ahead of the holiday season.

  4. Josh Bowman says:

    I was also part of the reduction in force at Ashland/Mansfield on Wednesday. I was a board op and news/sports announcer for WMAN AM 1400.

  5. Isn’t corporate radio grand? Perhaps it would be a good time to start limiting total stations owned so maybe some of the mom and pop groups could own again. But no, streaming talent and all stations sounding the same is the best way. Here is hoping those of you who have been RIFed land on your feet.

  6. Quentin says:

    Perhaps, Clear Channel can save money by asking their esteemed employee Rush Limabaugh to re-do his contract that pays him approximately $36 million dollars per year!

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