THIS JUST IN: Nolan Exiting WKYC

We were aware of this “off stage”, but thanks to Gannett NBC affiliate WKYC/3 morning co-anchor Mark Nolan talking to a trade site, it’s now public.

MediaBistro’s TVSpy reports that Nolan is leaving 13th and Lakeside, sometime between now and March.


“After 18 years here at WKYC, I’m allowing my contract to run out and moving on,” Nolan told TVSpy in an email.


The date of his last broadcast is undetermined, but he says it will be before March 14, which is the last day of his contract.

Nolan also tells the trade site that “short term radio work” is in his immediate future.

The TVSpy post mentions incoming co-anchor Erin Kennedy…but who will take Nolan’s place alongside her?

The smart money is on current 7 PM co-anchor Chris Tye moving to the wake up shift. And we hear that such a move would affect not only the 7 PM show, but at least one other show as well…


7 Responses to THIS JUST IN: Nolan Exiting WKYC

  1. Shawn says:

    Give that cash-strapped Gannett just hired a high profile former network anchor in Russ Mitchell, it should be no surprise as more and more longtime staffers are let go at WKYC!

  2. victor malar says:

    If (more likely when) Chris Tye gets the AM gig, the dominoes may fall this way…

    Eric Mansfield gets promoted from weekend evenings and fills the 7 p.m. slot with Robin Swoboda, and either Monica Robbins or Maureen Kyle then gets the Sat/Sun PM chair.

  3. Ann V. says:

    That actually makes me sad. I’ve really enjoyed watching Nolan in the morning. But, a 4 a.m. call time can be rough (just ask Meredith Vieira!).

    • Steve says:

      Meredith, nor any of the other network morning anchors, need worry about a 4 am call time. They don’t get to work until 6 am. Plus they have a car service to pick them up, hair and make-up at the studio, as well as clothes provided to them at no charge. Regis would get to the studio about 8:15 for a live 9 am program. And let’s not forget each anchor making millions of dollars a year on the network morning shows.

      But local anchors do arrive well before the start of the program.

  4. yekimi says:

    Nolan has done radio work before. He did fill in at WMJI. Don’t know if he could land at WDOK/WQALsince they just did a purge……or even if they’ll have “live” people on anymore, but he may be out of the age range they’re looking for [read, “younger jocks”] Best bet….WNWV or back to WMJI.

  5. Ed says:

    There seems to be a “whole lotta’ shakin’ goin’ on” (as Jerry Lee Lewis would say) in Cleveland television as of late….of course, if you can’t give promotions from the inside (per say: Mark Nolan would have been a better choice to replace Romona…) and I do not mean that Mitchell would not be up for the job; just sayin that Mark knows more about NE ohio than anybody

  6. Marva Grant says:

    I will miss Mark. I also miss A.J. and Romona, and now Mark is leaving. Channel 3 willl not be the same. Who is going to be next Channel 3, you are getting rid of the BEST. Good luck Mark, whatever you decide to do.


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