87.7 Cleveland’s Sound Launch

Murray Hill Broadcasting’s WLFM-LP 87.7/TV audio 6 has launched jockless as rocker “87.7 Cleveland’s Sound”.

We’re the worst source for music format definitions, so we’ll borrow a reader’s description of the music mix as AAA with an alt-rock lean. Feel free to correct us in the comments.

As expected, “87.7 Cleveland’s Sound” is running promos with previously reported morning drive host Archie Berwick promoting his “Archie Morning Show” starting Monday (Archie: “Two things will make this show different, I’m black, and I’ve never done this before!”).

We are on what we have called “deep hiatus” and are using our smartphone to put this in. We aren’t going to be able to update this, this week.

But here’s a start, and have fun in the comments to add more information for readers of this item and this blog…


10 Responses to 87.7 Cleveland’s Sound Launch

  1. Russ says:

    I was stunned during morning drive to hear music on this signal. I thought that they planned to stick to their format of an Eternal STL test…….. I’d call the format a commercial version of college radio.

  2. Yekimi says:

    Can’t pick them up on my home stereo in SW Akron, car radio doesn’t go that low, so guess they won’t get me as a listener.

  3. Jason says:

    I have heard it 3 different times.. Each time they were playing a “hit” from the 90’s I love the Commercial with Ghoulardi and Big Chuck and Lil Johns laugh though!

  4. Tim says:

    The format might be best defined as AAA/Alternative/ Freeform. A nice mix of music in my opinion.

  5. Clint says:

    This radio station is amazing!! I’ve lived in Cleveland my whole life and have almost always been disappointed in our local radio stations. Every good station I have liked over the years has gone out of business and been turned into a modern pop station or sports talk radio… I wouldn’t even listen to the radio for the last 2 years, no joke. Just yesterday I started flipping through the dials determined to find a good radio station in all that muck and I stumbled across 87.7… It’s amazing! It’s everything that a radio station should be! I can’t stop listening. They play music that isn’t repeated on every other station all day and it has a nice fun, laid back feel to it.

    I seriously hope this station stays around for a long time. Cleveland needs this kind of radio station. It does feel like a professional version of a kick ass college radio station. They play mostly rock and alternative rock but mix it up with some old skool rock such as the Beatles and Bob Dylan. the best thing is that they like to pick some more obscure tracks, not the ones you hear on every other radio station. Support 87.7!!! 😀

    • Alan says:

      I couldn’t agree more, Clint. I haven’t been this hooked on a commercial radio station in Cleveland since I was a teenager in the 90s listening to The End.

  6. Bored In Cleveland says:

    Its not a Clear Channel station – therefore its already an improvement.
    I listen to a station from London online (Absolute Radio) – its a very similar format.

  7. oh yeh!!!!! a great station at last!!!! after 107.3 went jazz i was really missing good cleveland radio…thanks guys!!! now all you need to do is get ravena micelli….she is a great rocker from cleveland area who is well seasoned in this market. maybe?

  8. Yekimi says:

    Since Ravenna is John Gorman’s wife , probably won’t see that happening anytime soon. But I could be wrong!

  9. Andy says:

    Can you Dig it? Why yes, yes I can

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