More Than Just A Twitter Recap

We’re catching up again.

But a sudden, unexpected amount of free time means this is much more than a recap of what we’ve posted on social media. It’s really an old style OMW blog post…

DARREN TOMS EXITS OAK TREE: Clear Channel talk WTAM/1100 Cleveland news director Darren Toms is heading out of the building for a non-radio job. He’ll be the first Director of Community Outreach for the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court.

Darren’s last day at Oak Tree will be October 28th. The opening caused by his departure is posted on Clear Channel’s career site.

CHANNEL 3 MOVES: We already told you about local TV news veteran Jack Marschall joining the folks at 13th and Lakeside as a freelance reporter. There are other changes at Gannett NBC affiliate WKYC/3 as well.

Kristin Anderson rejoins Channel 3 News as a reporter – er, multimedia journalist. Her husband John was recently moved to the station’s “Channel 3 Today” morning show alongside meteorologist/co-host Hollie Strano.

Reporter Stephanie Coueignoux is leaving for Florida. She tells OMW:

I’ve met so many incredible people during my time here. I leave with everyone in my heart!

She exits October 23rd.

Danielle Wiggins, winner of the station’s “Traffic Tryouts” contest, becomes WKYC’s morning traffic reporter. But, she’s not entirely without broadcast experience, according to Frank Macek’s “Director’s Cut” blog:

Wiggins most recently produced the Regina Brett Show at WKSU-FM/89.7 FM.

And thank you again to long-time Friend of OMW Ann VerWiebe, WKSU’s marketing guru, who told us about Danielle’s new job in a comment we just found and approved. We do owe Ann at least one “Ann’s Corner”, and more.

Frank Macek also notes two off-air departures from WKYC: technician Bob Keyes, retiring after a nearly 30 year run, and 11 PM executive producer Jennifer Nickels, who takes a similar job at Raycom NBC affiliate WAVE-TV/3 in Louisville KY…

A SLIGHT GHOULARDIFEST MOVE: Yes, local and national TV legend Tim Conway is still coming to this year’s “Ghoulardifest”.

But the time on Saturday, November 2nd has changed due to changes in Tim’s travel plans…he’ll be there at 2 PM that day, as opposed to the earlier announced time of 10 AM.

The Northeast Ohio native, who was born in Willoughby and grew up in Chagrin Falls, worked alongside “Ghoulardi” himself, Ernie Anderson at then CBS affiliate WJW/8…coming over from then-KYW/3 (today’s WKYC).

Conway will be interviewed on-stage by another Northeast Ohio native, Dan O’Shannon, executive producer of ABC’s hit comedy “Modern Family”.

The 2013 edition of “Ghoulardifest”, as usual, includes Anderson’s successors at WJW – “Big Chuck” Schodowski, Bob “Hoolihan” Wells (an OMW reader) and “Lil’ John” Rinaldi – and many more.

“Ghoulardifest” has moved this year, to the LaVilla Banquet and Conference center at 11500 Brookpark Road. It’ll be held November 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

Many more details are here.

And it may just be coincidence that as we write this, “McHale’s Navy” is airing on the 8.2 “Antenna TV” subchannel of Tim Conway’s old station, WJW….

CHAD’S BACK ON THE RADIO: Chad Zumock, who was bounced from his gig on Clear Channel rock/talk WMMS/100.7’s “Alan Cox Show” after, uh, off-air problems (search our archives for more), is back on the radio again…at least once a week.

Chad will be heard Sundays at 9 PM on “Sunday Nights with Chad Zumock”, on Murray Hill alt-rock/AAA WLFM-LP/87.7 “Cleveland’s Sound”. (Or, for you old school people rocking an analog tuner on your TV, Channel 6.)

The station’s announcement of Zumock’s new hour-long weekly show is here.

We believe the Sunday night show will feature selections from Zumock’s podcast, which can also be heard on his website.

The show premieres on “Cleveland’s Sound” at 9 PM on October 20th, which if you’re reading this on Sunday, is tonight. The first guest is Cleveland Cavaliers player C.J. Miles…


Early Tuesday Compilation

Here goes…

WNIR TRYOUTS: Media-Com talk WNIR/100.1 “The Talk of Akron” brings in two radio pros Tuesday morning alongside Steve French and Phil Ferguson: Mike Novak (ex-WQMX) and Angela Bellios (ex-WKDD, WHBC-FM). Novak has been on for a few days now, as WNIR seeks to replace Stan Piatt. Maybe they won’t hire a comedian as expected? Bringing in Angela Bellios may be a sign that they keep the composition of the old show, and actually replace Maggie Fuller as well as Stan…

WE HARDLY KNEW HIM: Clear Channel top 40 WAKS/96.5 “Kiss FM” night voicetracker Jackson Blue is out at Boston’s “Kiss 108”. He’s presumably out at WAKS as well. Our title for this item comes from a brief Twitter conversation we had with Mr. Blue, when we mentioned his presence on the local “Kiss FM”…

WHERE’S DR. OZ?: The popular TV doctor is still on at 10 AM on Scripps ABC affiliate WEWS/5, but there’s a big Dr. Oz sized hole at 4 PM. “NewsChannel 5” had added Dr. Oz to its news lead-in slot with much fanfare, keeping him on at 10 AM as well – a repeat of a previous week’s 4 PM show. But listings this week and beyond show what we saw Monday, the video clip show “RightThisMinute” on at 4…

MARRIED AND TOGETHER ON AIR AGAIN: We also haven’t noted the re-hiring of Kristin Anderson as a reporter at Gannett NBC affiliate WKYC/3, (re)joining her husband John Anderson at 13th and Lakeside (John is now anchoring the station’s morning show with Hollie Strano). The always reliable Frank Macek, WKYC senior director, has more on his “Director’s Cut” blog

Friday Morning Data Dump

Or, late Thursday night, if you prefer, as we can’t sleep…for reasons having nothing to do with OMW…

THE WNIR DRAMA: A MUST READ for anyone interested in recent WNIR events, by former local newspaper columnist Stuart Warner in one of his old newspaper haunts, the Akron Beacon Journal via Retired WNIR morning man Stan Piatt opens up to Warner about how his exit from the station was handled. The details are (nearly) identical to unconfirmed rumblings we’ve heard for months now. It’s what we’d have wrote if we were able to confirm. By the way, since Stan Piatt opened up on his situation…no, the “love of his life” is not a now-former or current WNIR employee. She has no ties to Broadcast Park. The piece was posted Wednesday night on, but we just saw the link early this Friday morning. The Warner piece provides an E-mail address for Piatt, for those wishing to contact him directly…

FRIEND OF OMW APPLIES: Good luck to former Rubber City Radio country WQMX/94.9 staffer George McFly, as he applies for the opening at CBS Radio AC WDOK/102.1 “New 102” left by the departure of “Kory” to Dallas…

NOT FAST ENOUGH: Twitter follower @StevenArmatas: “Any update on when FOX8 will move to UHF so we can get an HD antenna signal down here in Canton?” Our response: “Everything’s on hold as FCC is closed in government shutdown. Don’t hold your breath on Fox 8 moving to UHF, tho. WJW’s app to move to UHF 31 may have been too late, as FCC seeks to repack TV stations below 31 to make room for data services.”

An Experimental Blog Post

We’ve received a very mixed response to our “move” to social media.

While we’ve received a flood of new Twitter followers, others are openly hostile to that being the only outlet for Ohio Media Watch. And hostile may not be a strong enough a word.

So, we’ll try this: copying and editing our Twitter posts to a blog post, without all the responses, tags and whatnot.


CRONAUER BACK TO RADIO, STILL ON TV: Joe Cronauer is now PM drive at Salem CCMer 95.5 The Fish. Still on WKYC, too, burning both ends of the broadcast day…

MOVING TO DALLAS: WDOK/102.1 Cleveland “New 102″‘s Kory heads for Dallas, for afternoon drive at KVIL/103.7…

NEXTMEDIA SOLD: WHBC/1480 and WHBC-FM/94.1 Canton and 31 other NextMedia stations to be sold to Dean Goodman’s Digity: RadioInsight If Dean Goodman’s name sounds familiar, there’s a reason. He was once lined up to buy hundreds of Clear Channel small/med market stations…

TIM CONWAY TO CLEVELAND: Tim Conway will appear at Ghoulardifest at 10 AM Sat. Nov. 2nd. Doors open one hour early to get everyone in place. Ghoulardifest moves this year, to the La Villa Conference and Banquet Center at 11500 Brookpark Rd. Tim Conway will be interviewed on stage by Dan O’Shannon, executive producer of ABC’s “Modern Family”…

The Move

As explained below, for now, all Ohio Media Watch activity will take place on our social media presence (Twitter/Facebook).

The domain is forwarding to our Twitter page, which you can see here:

As a reminder and clarification, you do NOT HAVE TO JOIN TWITTER to read that page. There is a sign in link and a “Follow” area, but you can just ignore them if you aren’t on Twitter, or don’t want to be on Twitter. Just read the page that comes up.

When/if this blog returns in its original form, you’ll see the link to the announcement on that page, and will be set to no longer forward to the Twitter page.

Again, you don’t have to be a member of Twitter, you don’t have to sign up or follow us on Twitter, just read the page that comes up…

–The Management

A Different Kind Of Hiatus

Yes, we’re going on hiatus again. (Don’t tell us you didn’t expect it!)

But this is an experiment.

We’ve often considered if this blog will remain in its current form, or if a blog is really a necessary online publishing form in 2013.

For the immediate future, we’ll not be publishing here.

Instead, the domain will be set to forward to our Twitter account, and visitors here will get a link to that page at the top of this scroll. We will continue to update as frequently as we do now.

No, you won’t have to sign up for Twitter or Facebook. You’ll just be directed to our page, where our updates will appear just as they would if you were on Twitter. It’ll be a web page, with no Twitter login required.

We’ll see how it goes, and the blog (in this form) may nor may not return. We’ll see if social media fills the role instead.

For the record…we feel fine, we have no major Life Interventions(tm) offline, and we’re not having a nervous breakdown (closed circuit to the Galleria)…

Here we go:

–Your Primary Editorial Voice(tm)

Piatt, Fuller Out At WNIR

We already knew Stan Piatt wasn’t long for Broadcast Park…the home of talk WNIR/100.1 “The Talk of Akron”.

After weeks of rumors that even reached this corner, the station announced recently that the 36-year ringleader of its four person morning drive show would retire “between now and July”, and that WNIR was actively seeking a “funny person” to replace him.

The weather’s kind of cool for July, and it’s even colder on Route 59 between Kent and Ravenna.

Piatt and morning co-host Maggie Fuller are out of the building at WNIR, leaving only sports director Steve French and news director Phil Ferguson left among the morning crew.

Don’t believe us? Go to right now. Or, just follow along with the graphic on the right side of this item.

The morning show has been removed entirely from the station’s “Station Info” pull down menu, and the “Program Guide” schedule link does not work, at least in our browser.

And Piatt and Fuller are now off the WNIR “Contact Us > Staff Directory” page. French and Ferguson remain.

Talk about your Soviet-style purge.

We have seen no statement from the Brothers Klaus, though we honestly don’t expect to see one (and not just because we’re not on the station’s Christmas e-card list).

We haven’t confirmed how it officially went down on Tuesday, but we strongly believe that Piatt and Fuller both resigned.

We also don’t know if French and Ferguson will mount a show on Wednesday morning, or if they’ll have a third person in the studio. (Comedian/former WNCX morning co-host Jeff Blanchard was there on Friday.)

We have heard the same kinds of stories listeners have heard about “what happened” that led to the exit of Stan and Maggie today.

We can’t confirm the rumblings, which are all over social media. We may never be able to confirm everything, or be able to pass along all the details.

But in one day, the WNIR morning drive fun-fest basically fell apart in half, and Stan Piatt’s retirement got pushed up a few months.

(Note that we’ve told you already that we didn’t expect to hear Stan, bound for Pittsburgh and a new life with his new love, on WNIR past October or November. We should have bet on mid-September.)

We will tell you what we’re able to tell you, and we’ll do so whenever we’re able to tell you…please don’t bug us for the “juicy details”…